Rethink Your Ink With Our Laser Tattoo Removal

SobelSkinTips OptionsIs your large, dark tattoo a painful reminder of a relationship that’s long faded? Or has that once beloved dove symbol, since flown the coop? Now with the latest PiQo4 laser technology, your outdated body art, no longer has to be a “till death do we part scenario.”

The PiQo4 Laser is the newest Pico-second laser to receive FDA-approval, and the most powerful by leaps andbounds. When removing any type of tattoo, each pigment color absorbs a specific wavelength. The PiQo4 uses four different wavelengths (1064nm, 532nm, 650nm and 585nm), to treat the broadest range of tattoo colors. This effectively targets 9 of the most frequently used tattoo colors— ranging from light orange to dark black. The makers of this laser (Lumenis) are quoted as proudly stating, “you can erase the rainbow!”

We also use a combination of Pico and Nano pulses, which produces much better results than one of these technologies on its own. The Nano is typically used first for larger, darker areas, and then finished with the Pico to get rid of the smaller, more shallow particles.

The Procedure

Dr. Sobel and our medical team can remove multiple colors at varying depths in the same session with a single laser. Each session is performed in the comfort of our treatment rooms, at our luxurious Park Avenue location. During your session, very short laser pulses are absorbed into the targeted areas of the skin. This then causes the conversion of light energy into acoustic waves that literally shatter the ink/pigment granules in a process that is very fast and effective. These high energy levels mean not only easier, safer pigment removal sessions, but fewer total sessions needed by each patient, compared to competing laser systems, used by other cosmetic dermatology practices.

While the number of session will vary from case to case, this optimal combination of two energies allow for the treatment and removal of even large, ornate or dark tattoos. The dramatic example shown took five sessions, but some smaller, more typical tattoos have been effectively removed in as little as one or two sessions.

Additional Uses

While patients are thrilled with results from the PiQo4 Laser for tattoo removal, it has many other cosmetic uses with equally impressive results. This laser is an excellent choice for any dark areas on the skin, such as melasma, pigmented lesions and skin resurfacing.  An initial consultation with Dr. Sobel and our medical team will determine which laser procedure will produce

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