Why We’re Here

Skin is personal.

Pores, freckles, lines. They’re what make you, you.

You don’t take care of them with one magic formula. (Insider secret: there is no magic formula) It’s a personal and unique process—whether you’re preventing the effects of time, or rolling them back.

Sobel Skin was created to help you be your best, most refreshed self. And it’s our mission to provide every client with three things: honest, face-by-face advice, a science-backed skincare regimen, and a serene, boutique spa experience.



Our Values


As New Yorkers, we’re all about honesty. There’s no room for fluff. We’re straight to the point when it comes to our Knicks’ playoff hopes, the latest laser technology, and most importantly—your skin. If we believe something isn’t worth it, we’re going to recommend against it.


We’re going to ask about your life, (the good and the bad)—because we care. We believe that each skin-type is different, and each treatment plan is unique. No matter the technology, everything comes down to the human eye and personal touch.


We have built a career around finding what’s next and searching for what’s better. Sometimes this leads us to products that promise the world—only to deliver nothing more than fancy packaging. But this has also helped us to pioneer the field when it comes to identifying the best in liposuction, medispas, and skincare products. We’re always looking forward to our next breakthrough.

"Dr. Sobel is obsessed, in the best way imaginable. He has a natural, masterful touch and an artful eye. He just knows the right combination of procedures.”