Stop Aging Your Skin Prematurely!

Girl In A Leather Jacket And Sunglasses Smoking A CigaretteThe aging process occurs naturally over time. There is no reason to help it along. But that is what many people do. Unwittingly, you may be engaging in behaviors or habits that are accelerating unwanted changes in your skin. Here, we discuss some of the most common mistakes you want to avoid as much as possible.


It is no secret that smoking poses serious risks to our health. The habit is also a primary factor in cosmetic concerns like fine lines around the lips and eyes, broken capillaries on the cheeks, and a generally dull complexion. These concerns occur more quickly in smokers because the chemicals in cigarettes damage DNA, increase the production of free radicals, and break down collagen and elastin. Circulation is blunted by smoking, which depletes the skin by preventing the uptake of vital nutrients and oxygen. As a result, we see more severe signs of aging. The clear tip here is to stop smoking.


Around this time of year, the thought of beautifully warm sun on the skin may sound heavenly. To the mind, it may be. To the skin, not so much. Ultraviolet light also damages DNA and breaks down healthy collagen, the protein that we absolutely need for smooth, firm, resilient skin. To avoid speeding up the aging process, it is helpful to apply SPF 30 sunscreen daily, even when it is cloudy. Sunscreen may need to be reapplied in certain circumstances, such as a tropical vacation. And don’t stop at the face, apply sunscreen liberally to the backs of the hands, the arms, and the neck and chest.

Alcohol Consumption

Studies suggest that our alcohol consumption increased noticeably during this past year and a half of living with COVID in our midst. Regardless of reasons, alcohol consumption is a habit to quit or limit. Alcohol is deeply dehydrating so can have a profound effect on the skin and how quickly we age. While limiting alcohol is one preventative measure, so is increasing water intake and the use of quality skin care products and rich moisturizers.

Aging skin needs a little more help every year. Dr. Sobel has equipped our facilities with the latest technologies to stimulate collagen production and reduce the signs of aging. Explore what may be most beneficial for your skin. Contact our NYC office at 212.288.0060 to schedule your visit.