Before & After

Emtone Buttock 1 500x165

EMtone Buttock 2 1 500x169

Screen Shot 2020 03 26 At 4.36.49 PM 500x162

Screen Shot 2020 03 26 At 4.36.33 PM 500x168

Screen Shot 2020 03 26 At 4.37.05 PM 500x161

Screen Shot 2020 03 26 At 4.37.18 PM 500x161

Screen Shot 2020 03 26 At 4.37.32 PM 500x160

Screen Shot 2020 03 26 At 4.37.51 PM 500x159

Screen Shot 2020 03 26 At 4.38.04 PM 500x160

Subnovii Plasma Pen

Before & After

Subnovii Case13 Front
Carol Subnovii Under Left Eye BA Before After 500x177 Sub Before After 500x177 Subnovi Before After 500x177 Subnovii1 Before After 500x177 Subnovii3 Before After 500x177 Subnovii 4 Before After 500x177 Subnovii Carol Zoomed Before After 500x177 Subnovii Sm 3 Before After 500x177 Upper Eyelid Subnovii2 Before After 500x177 Upper Eylid Subnovii 2 Before After 500x177 Subnovii Perioral Before After Subnovii Before After

PRP Hair Restoration NYC

Before & After

PRP Treatment Case 3
PRP Treatment Case 6
PRP Treatment Case 4
PRP Treatment Case 5
PRP Treatment Case 2
PRP Treatment Case 1

AcuPulse CO2 Laser

Before & After


CO2 2



Non-Surgical nose job

Before & After

Silicone Nose Case 1
Silicone Nose Case 2
Silicone Nose Case 3 Left View
Silicone Nose Case 3 Right View
Silicone Nose Case 4
Silicone Nose Case 5

Vanquish Fat Reduction

Before & After

Deepin Screenshot Selecionar área 20180926164428 500x246Deepin Screenshot Selecionar área 20180926164438 500x249

Rosacea Treatment

Before & After

Cutera Rosacea

Cutera Rosacea 3 E1539366483907


Before & After


Before & After

Restylane Case 3 Front View
Deepin Screenshot Selecionar %C3%A1rea 20180926162620 500x224 Dr. Sobel Filler Restylane BeforeAfter


Before & After

Emsculpt Butt
Back Left Before And After Emsculpt
Abdomen Woman Before And After 3
Emsculpt Man Abdomen Before And After
Emsculpt Butt Lift Before And After
Emsculpt Woman Abdomen Before And After 1
Emsculpt Case 5 Front View
Emsculpt Case 7 Side View
Emsculpt Case 5 Oblique Right Closeup View
Emsculpt Case 6 Front View
Emsculpt Arms Case 7 Side View
Emsculpt Arms Case 8 Oblique Right View
Emsculpt Case 9 Front View
Emsculpt Case 9 Side View
Emsculpt Arms Case 10 Side View

PIQO4​™ for Melasma & Tattoo Removal

Before & After

Melasma PiQo
Melasma 3
Piqo Melasma 2
Piqo Melasma
Piqo Spot Treatment Case 1
Piqo Melasma Case 1
Piqo Melasma Case 2
Piqo Tattoo Case 1
Piqo Tattoo Case 2


Before & After

Liquid Facelift in Manhattan NYC

Before & After

Liquid Facelift Before Noqej5i7y7bkywr8km0bctzvb4dz6w6g0camnvzcbw

Liquid Facelift After Noqeilrlyokk73jwrvh5egz6u139p902xmlfl2slyk

Liquid Facelift Explained Noqejoazqw1bf3zxiu4uqp936ttbgu92qxcc9f7gvg

Cutera for Blood Vessels & Bruising

Before & After

Cutera Nose Telangectasia Case 22
Cutera Telangectasia Case 23

Cutera Scar
Cutera Cheek Telangectasia Case 9
Cutera Nose Telangectasia Case 10
Cutera Lip Hemangioma Case 11
Cutera Forehead Veins Case 12
Cutera Cheek Hemangioma Case 13
Cutera Periorbital Vein Case 14
Cutera Rosacea Case 15 Ba
Cutera Rosacea Case 16
Cutera Red Acne Marks Case 17
Cutera Red Acne Marks Case 18
Cutera Rosacea Case 19 Ba
Cutera Scar Case 20
Cutera Telangectasia Case 21

Fraxel Restore Dual Repair

Before & After

Fraxel Acne Scars
Fraxel Pigment Arm

Fraxel Freckles Case 1 Front
Fraxel Freckles Case 1 Oblique Left
Fraxel Sun Damage Case 2
Fraxel Sun Damage Case 3
Fraxel Sun Damage Case 4 Front
Fraxel Sun Damage Case 4 Oblique Left
Fraxel Sun Damage Case 5
Fraxel Hands Case 6
Fraxel Freckles Case 7
Fraxel Freckles Case 8

Leg Vein Treatment

Before & After



Dermal Filler in NYC

Before & After


Radiesse 3

Radiesse 2


Non-Surgical Earlobe Repair

Before & After

Earlobe Filler Case 1
Earlobe Filler Case 2 Left Side View
Earlobe Filler Case 2 Right Side View
Earlobe Filler Case 3

Sublime Facial Rejuvenation & Tightening

Before & After



SculpSure​™ Laser Fat Reduction

Before & After


Sculpsure Abdomen
Sculpsure Flanks
Sculpsure Submental
Sculpsure Thighs 2
Sculpsure Thighs

Liposuction in Manhattan, New York

Before & After

Liposuction C14 Front B1a1

Liposuction C14 Complete Set

Submental2 500x252
Side View Abdomen Lipo 500x295
Lipo Flanks Man
Axilla Before And After 500x344
Submental 500x202


Before & After




Bunny Lines 1

Crows 1

Dimpled Chin

Forehead 1

Belotero® Balance®

Before & After

Before & After

66884 Liposuction Before E1539182463911
66884 Liposuction After E1539182500953
76188 Restylane Before 1
76188 Restylane After 1
28498 Botox Before E1539059515634
28498 Botox After E1539059552892
46070 Juvederm Before 1
46070 Juvederm After 1
69001 Excel Before E1539182776660
69001 Excel After E1539182800302