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What are Xeomin® injections?

Xeomin is a non-surgical, anti-aging, neuromodulator injection and Botox® alternative. It temporarily smooths moderate to severe facial wrinkles around the eyes, brows, mouth, and cheeks. Like Botox and Dysport®, Xeomin is effective on wrinkles that have been caused by muscle contractions, such as the frown lines that form between the brows.

While Xeomin is also made of the purified protein botulinum A toxin, it is often used on patients who have developed an immunity or non-response to Botox® or Dysport. The subtle differences between the products can make one more advantageous than the other for a particular patient, and we sometimes use more than one of these brands for an optimal result. Xeomin blocks the chemicals that cause your facial muscles to contract, which allows them to relax so that the skin can smooth over those muscles. It is an easy and highly effective way to correct the signs of aging.

Working with a skilled injector is vital in order to receive a result that looks natural and provides the correction you want. Dr. Sobel has many years of experience with Xeomin, Botox, and Dysport injections. He knows how to determine the proper dosage and placement of the injections for optimal results.

What does the Xeomin treatment procedure involve?

We use a tiny needle to inject Xeomin into the skin. While it is not very painful, a topical anesthetic can be applied to decrease your discomfort. Like Botox and Dysport, Xeomin injections last approximately four months. The effects take a few days to become visible.

What is Xeomin commonly used to treat?

Similar to Botox, Xeomin can be used to treat a wide range of facial wrinkles and signs of aging. Xeomin is commonly used to produce a smoothing effect to the skin and is often used to multiple areas of the face, including:

  • Vertical lines between the eyebrows
  • Crows feet, or lines at the corners of the eyes
  • Horizontal forehead lines
  • Lines forming at the bridge of the nose
  • Vertical lines on the neck (platysmal bands)
  • Masseter Muscle (back of the jaw) for TMJ

What can I expect after Xeomin treatment?

Following your treatment, you can expect to begin seeing results within 24-hours, with continued improvement in the treatment area over the following 4 weeks. Results vary by patient, but Xeomin treatments typically last between 3-6 months. You can return to work and other normal activities immediately after your Xeomin appointment. Some patients have no side effects whatsoever, while others experience some minor bruising and swelling at the injection sites. These usually resolve within a day to a few days. If you do end up with a bruise, we offer a complimentary laser treatment to help break up the bruise and clear it away faster.

If you are interested in Xeomin treatment in NYC, our staff at Sobel Skin offers honest, human, forward-looking skin care to help you be your best, most refreshed self. Call 212.288.0060 fill out a form in the right-hand column of this page to book an initial treatment consultation with Dr. Sobel.