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Silikon™ 1000 Dermal Fillers in NYC

Silikon™ 1000 is a type of cosmetic filler made from pure silicone. Developed by Alcon Laboratories, Silikon 1000 is FDA approved for treating retinal detachment in the eye.  However, doctors have been using it off-label safely and effectively for many years as a filler that can actually provide permanent results. The long-term nature of Silikon™ 1000 means that—unlike treatments employing almost every other filler—most patients will not have to undergo another procedure to maintain the results.

Successful in restoring lost volume, filling in wrinkles and acne scars and plumping up the skin, Silikon 1000 is a very effective treatment all around the face, including the lips, cheeks and eye area.  Many doctors use this procedure to help patients achieve fuller, more even lips, a contoured facial structure and smooth, unlined skin.

The Silikon™ 1000 procedure

Since this particular type of filler offers permanent results, it is recommended to proceed slowly and cautiously, conducting the procedure in steps.  Rather than injecting a full dosage of Silikon 1000 into the site in one session, most doctors will do it gradually by spreading the treatment across several sessions.  This is called the micro-droplet technique, since it involves the injection of only tiny quantities of Silikon 1000 around the treatment site.  These droplets are not absorbed by the body; instead, they cause a reaction that includes the production of collagen to surround them.

By gradually making these injections of micro-droplets every few weeks, the physician can ensure that the shaping will be even and that the volume will reach the desired level without overfilling or underfilling the area. This provides a very natural outcome, and is an important safety measure to take since the results are permanent and therefore not easily corrected.  The number of sessions required will vary depending upon the patient’s individual needs and goals for treatment.

Some patients may require an anesthetic to numb the treatment area prior to the procedure if they are especially sensitive or receiving the injection in a location such as the lips.  Discomfort is typically minimal and the procedure requires little to no downtime from normal activities afterward.  Any swelling that may result should resolve in less than two hours.

Risks of Silikon™ 1000

The use of Silikon™ 1000 is considered to be very safe, with a low occurrence of any complications or adverse reactions.  However, as with any cosmetic procedure, there are some side effects occasionally associated with its use.  These include the formation of lumps or pockets of inflamed tissue.  In some cases, the silicone may migrate, or move from the injection site to another area.  These issues are much more common when a large quantity of Silikon 1000 is injected at one time than when the administering physician uses the safer micro-droplet method.

Due to the permanency of the results, it is typically recommended that a patient try an alternative, short-term filler first.  This allows the patients to see what the results may potentially look like and discuss them with their doctor so a permanent solution with Silikon 1000 can truly be tailored to the patient’s goals.

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