Why EmSculpt is Giving Personal Trainers Some Competition

Shutterstock 1412202866Nearly every personal trainer will tell you that you cannot spot-reduce fat or target an area for growth. Still, this is a strong desire among the vast majority of us. We all have that one area that just doesn’t seem to get into shape the way we’d like. Unless we devote hours to working out, it’s nearly impossible to see the kind of results one might find on a fitness model. What are we to do but settle? There is another option, and it doesn’t involve surgery. Here in our NYC med spa, we love helping people realize their body contouring dreams through EmSculpt, an innovative muscle-toning treatment. 

Is EmSculpt the Same as CoolSculpting?

Nonsurgical body contouring has been primarily limited to fat reduction. CoolSculpting is one of the most well-known systems for eliminating stubborn fat. It works by targeting subcutaneous fat cells with freezing temperatures. Crystals form in the fat cells and they die. The body eliminates them over about a three-month span. For the record, we perform fat-reduction treatments using truSculpt ID, a powerful radiofrequency device that melts fat cells and also, due to the transfer of thermal energy into the skin, has a tightening effect in the treatment area. But that’s fat reduction, and EmSculpt isn’t about that at all. The EmSculpt device is devoted to muscle-toning. 

Benefits of EmSculpt

EmSculpt is a first-of-its kind treatment that targets deep muscle tissue for involuntary contractions. It works by sending high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology known as HIFEM through the layer of fat, into muscles, to stimulate strong contractions. Not just strong contractions, but many of them. One 30-minute EmSculpt session stimulates more crunch or squat action than a full week of workouts! Due to the increase in temperature in the subcutaneous layer, treatment can reduce fatty tissue by up to 30%.  Due to the number of contractions, the treatment can produce noticeable toning effects faster than any personal trainer. And all of this is achieved without downtime. 

Body contouring has become easier as new technologies have emerged. We are excited to continue helping patients achieve their aesthetic goals with nonsurgical body contouring treatments like EmSculpt. If you would like to learn more, contact our NYC office at 212.288.0060 and schedule your appointment today