New to Dermal Fillers? We’ll Walk You Through the Process!

IStock 1133092452Dermal fillers have been one of the most common and convenient beauty treatments since they were developed in the early 21st Century. Actually, we must acknowledge that dermal fillers did exist before that time. Because they were based on animal sources, they were not appropriate for everyone, and patients needed to undergo tests prior to injections of substances like bovine collagen. We were gifted with our first hyaluronic acid dermal filler in 2006. Since that time, the anti-aging technique has only gotten better.

Because dermal fillers have become the norm for wrinkle-reduction and facial enhancement, there are always newbies to this process. If that’s you, we want you to know what you can expect when you schedule your first filler appointment. You’ll be glad to know we make it as easy as possible for each of our patients.

Before Dermal Fillers

Your first dermal filler appointment begins with a consultation. It is necessary to discuss with your provider exactly what you wish to achieve. Expectations are everything. We want to meet them and can only do so by having a clear idea of what they are. Sometimes, patients’ expectations for dermal fillers don’t align with what these products can do. It’s important to acknowledge this to prevent dissatisfaction. The purpose of dermal fillers is to reduce the signs of aging and add volume where it is needed to bring better proportions to the face. Common treatment areas include the lips, cheeks, jawline and chin, nose, and undereye area.

Dermal Filler Treatment

Dermal filler injections can be administered immediately following our brief consultation. In the treatment room, the target areas may be marked with an erasable pen. A numbing agent may be applied. This can take up to 30 minutes to fully activate. First-time dermal filler patients are often concerned about comfort and surprised at how painless their injections are without a topical anesthetic. The reason injections are virtually painless is that we use a tiny needle, one; and, two, most dermal fillers have an anesthetic in their formula. This creates a numbing effect after the very first injection. To complete treatment, a series of injections are administered just under the skin. The process takes only a few minutes.

After Dermal Filler Treatment

One of the reasons so many people like dermal fillers as a part of their beauty routine is that there is no downtime needed after injections are received. Patients can resume most of their normal activities immediately after getting dermal fillers. Even better, they will see the effects of their treatment immediately. The provider may recommend certain activity restrictions, like not getting a massage or entering a sauna for a day or two. Otherwise, patients go back to work and socializing right away.

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