Over time, natural fat begins to deteriorate, resulting in sagging skin, more prominent wrinkles and a reduction of volume. Restylane Lyft, formerly known as Perlane-L, is an injectable hyaluronic acid gel used to correct volume loss and treat wrinkles in the face and hands. Through non-surgical injections, Restylane Lyft is specifically designed to add fullness to the cheeks, midface area, and the back of the hands to help complete your aesthetic look — for face and hands.

Restylane Lyft is a clear gel filler that adds volume and fullness to the skin to correct moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. It is the first and only FDA-approved filler indicated to provide fullness to cheeks and add volume to correct and smooth smile lines (nasolabial folds). Restylane Lyft is a thicker gel with larger particle size, which is injected deeper than Restylane or Restylane Silk. Lyft is a good choice for adding volume to cheeks and more severe facial wrinkles that typically would benefit from a deeper injection in the skin.

What areas can be treated with Restylane Lyft?

Over time the natural fat surrounding the cheeks begins to deteriorate, resulting in reduction of volume, sagging skin and more prominent wrinkles. Restylane Lyft is specifically designed to add fullness to the cheeks and midface area, which can result in a natural-looking appearance. It can be used to smooth away facial lines and wrinkles, shape facial contours, such as cheeks and chin, and rejuvenate the skin.

Restylane Lyft can:

  • Enhance cheeks for midface fullness
  • Provide a subtle lower-facelift
  • Restore fullness to hollow cheeks caused by aging or weight loss
  • Fill moderate-to-severe wrinkles and folds
  • Improve volume in the back of hands

How is the Restylane Lyft Procedure Performed?

The procedure is an in-office procedure in which Dr. Sobel will administer the dermal filler into the targeted areas of your face and hands to provide volume and correct cosmetic issues. The dermal filler is injected deep into the fat layers located beneath your skin to provide optimal results. The exact injection sites chosen will vary based on your individual circumstances. The treatment itself lasts about 15-30 minutes. The injections will be performed by injecting the gel in small amounts until the area of concern has been corrected. Dr. Sobel will repeat the procedure until you achieve your desired aesthetic look. Typically, there is no recovery or downtime so you will be able to return to your daily routine immediately after the treatment.

Are Restylane Lyft injections painful?

Injections with Lyft do not hurt because Lyft comes mixed with lidocaine, a numbing agent. So, while you will feel the initial pin-prick of the injection, you’re unlikely to feel much after that. The area will stay numb for a few hours following injection.

How long will the results of a Restylane Lyft treatment last?

A clinical study found that 89 percent of patients showed improvement within two months of treatment, and over half of the approximately 200 participants maintained the fullness for over a year or longer. To maintain a more youthful appearance, it is recommended to receive future treatments for cumulative and prolonged benefits.