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Ear Hole Repair Without Surgery

As we age we lose collagen all over, including in our earlobes. Most people are concerned with restoring their youthful appearance of their face but forget about other areas such as the earlobes. With a non-surgical earlobe repair, Dr. Sobel can quickly and painlessly inject either permanent or temporary filler into the lobe to add the volume back.

Earlobes also can become stretched from years of wearing earrings or sun exposure. The skin then cannot snap back into place. Fillers are a great and simple solution to remake the look of the wrinkly and sagging earlobe.

Anyone who is not happy with excessive lines, wrinkles or those that have stretched out earlobe holes are good candidates.

How is it done?

The procedure is very simple. Earlobes do not have all of the blood vessels that are in the face, so it is even easier. Topical anesthetic can be applied but the procedure is quick and most patients report no pain. Dr. Sobel injects into the lobe to provide plumpness and instantly bring back the elasticity that has been lost.

How many dermal filler treatments will I need?

Most patients only need one treatment session for earlobe rejuvenation that lasts for 6 months; however, a second session may provide optimal results if using the permanent filler.


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