Getting Ready for Liposuction

IStock 1251684016Once the countdown to liposuction treatment is on, excitement mounts. This procedure may be the final touch that you desire to settle into your best body ever. As surgery day approaches, there are a few ways in which you can make sure you are completely prepared for an optimal experience. Here, we discuss how you can do that. 

Preparing for the Physical Effects of Liposuction

It is important to physically prepare for liposuction for two reasons. One is that your general health and vitality at the time of surgery affects your risks and outcome. Another is that your physical preparation can work to prolong your cosmetic results. Before surgery, we suggest the following:

  • Eat for nutrition more than weight loss. Many people who schedule liposuction have already taken steps to lose weight. This often involves restricting calories or even cutting out entire food groups. While weight management is a necessity for liposuction patients, pre-surgery, our focus is on boosting the body’s healing capacity. Fortunately, one begets the other. The consumption of lean proteins, unsaturated fats, and fresh fruits and vegetables is both nourishing and advantageous for weight. 
  • Consider the long-term prospect of exercise. When we’re trying to reach a goal weight, many of us will do just about anything to get there; even engage in exercise that we don’t love. Long-term results from liposuction are possible when exercise remains a consistent practice. Consistency is so much easier when we love the activity we’re doing, so get creative. Think of the different ways you can move your body through the changing seasons as well as through your aging process. 

Preparing for the Emotional Aspects of Liposuction

Regardless of the positive effects that come from surgery like liposuction, it’s possible that your emotions may fluctuate during your brief recovery period. When you know this can happen, and that it’s very normal, you’re already ahead of the game. Still, you may want to do the following:

  • Keep your goal in sight, literally. If you’re getting liposuction because you want to wear shorter shorts, put this goal where you can see it daily. Post a picture of yourself with the body you want or hang that little black dress in your recovery space to remind yourself of your Why. 
  • Get support. Liposuction recovery isn’t all that bad. Patients are up and walking the same day, though gingerly. Support is beneficial because it can ease your load and prevent unnecessary stress. For a week or so, let someone else walk the dog, feed the kids, and handle other important tasks. 

Liposuction is a promising, proven procedure that can achieve lasting improvements. To learn more, contact us at 212.288.0060 and schedule your consultation.