What Emsculpt Can Do For You!

Having a hard time toning and losing fat on your abs or buttocks? Learn more about Emsculpt, a new FDA approved technology that can help you tone your abs and buttocks and destroy fat cells.

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Have you noticed that no matter how hard you work out, there are stubborn areas of fat that resist muscle toning and slimming? You’re not alone. Age, genetics, hormones, and other factors can all make it difficult to tone and shape your body with exercise and diet alone. Emsculpt is the latest FDA approved technology which can actually tone muscles and kill fat cells at the same time while you relax in the comfort of your specialist’s office. At Sobel Skin we offer the finest dermatological, cosmetic, laser, and spa services to our clients, and are pleased to offer Emsculpt. With non-invasive technology and no down time at all, Emsculpt may be a great option for you.

Emsculpt uses strong electromagnetic waves to stimulate and rapidly contract muscles in the target area. The waves are administered through a paddle placed over the target area. Ab sessions are 30 minutes long and four sessions are recommended for optimal results. These are usually done twice a week for two weeks. You’ll notice instant results. The electromagnetic waves contract your muscles thousands of times a minute; something that’s not possible even in the most intense workout. This stimulation builds muscle tone and strength just like a workout does, but at a much more dramatic pace. The intensity of the contractions also breaks up fat cells which are then destroyed, absorbed into the body, and expelled as waste.

No safety concerns have been discovered from Emsculpt, making it a safe, fast, and effective way to tone muscles. It shouldn’t be considered a weight loss solution, and patients need to be aware that results are not permanent; just like with regular exercise, if you stop working the muscles, they will lose strength. Emsculpt works best when paired with an active lifestyle and healthy diet. For more information or to book an appointment, visit www.sobelskin.com.

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