Summer is Coming and We’ve Got Solutions for Top Body Concerns

IStock 490220074We’re oh so close to being able to shed some of the layers we’ve been living under for the past several months. While we await the heat of summer, we can begin heating things up ourselves by addressing the concerns that might keep us from feeling our best in shorts and swimsuits. At Sobel Skin on Park Avenue in NYC, we have several ways to help you be ready long before that first rooftop barbeque.

Fat Reduction

There is no reason to live with the continual frustration of stubborn fat. With relatively few exceptions, humans tend to hold on to fat in certain areas of the body. This can happen even when we exercise and eat well. In our practice, patients can take advantage of proven technology to destroy unwanted fat without surgery. We are excited to offer SculpSure, an FDA-cleared laser device that heats fat cells without affecting the surrounding tissue. The controlled heat delivered by the 4 SculpSure panels destroys the structural integrity of the cell membranes, causing the body to flush them through the lymphatic system. Fat reduction continues for up to 12 weeks after each treatment, so now is a great time to start. SculpSure is used to treat the abdomen, love handles, thighs, back, and double-chin.

Body Toning

It can be equally difficult to build muscle tone as it can be to drop those last 10 pounds. Finally, technology has caught up with our desire to have sculped abs and backsides. If you’re interested in refining either of these areas, contact us to learn more about Emsculpt. This brief treatment provokes deep, rapid muscle contractions that surpass what is possible in a full week of strenuous workouts. Muscle toning is accomplished through electromagnetic waves that affect targeted tissue as well as nearby fat cells.


Many women realize that, regardless of weight and muscle-tone, cellulite may be something they live with forever. It doesn’t have to be. The same manufacturer that developed Emsculpt also brings us Emtone, a device that allows us to shake up and break up cellulite. FDA-cleared Emtone selectively heats superficial tissue using monopolar radiofrequency. At the same time, pressure wave therapy massages the tissue. This increases local circulation and provokes collagen production to tighten the skin. Common areas of treatment include the thighs, knees, buttocks, abdomen, and upper arms.

The team at Sobel Skin is interested in helping our patients feel their best. To schedule a visit with us, call 212.288.0060.