Regenerate Hair Growth Naturally with PRP Therapy

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Why only dream about the full head of hair you once had, when our PRP Therapy can help you achieve it? Whether you’re a man or woman, the noticeable difference in your hair’s fullness or in a receding hairline can be both a distressing and embarrassing situation. Many patients also equate this with the first visible signs of aging. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy was developed through new medical research and the advancement of medical technology. Scientific studies have recently been published discussing PRP hair restoration technique as an all-natural and non-invasive procedure, that has been found to stimulate the growth of hair and to reduce the effects of thinning.

How Does PRP Therapy Work?

PRP Therapy works on the basis of utilizing restoring growth factors within the patient’s own blood, after injecting them back into the scalp. Human blood contains stem cells and autologous blood products that are essential to regenerate scalp tissue. Once the scalp tissue is regenerated, the hair follicles are able to produce the necessary hair growth. With a simple, quick process, we are able to derive a high concentration of these biological nutrient-rich cells and create your own platelet-rich plasma right in our office. Since the Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is processed from the patient’s own blood, there is virtually no risk of allergic reaction or rejection.

What is Involved in the PRP Procedure?

  1. A small amount of blood is drawn, similar to what is required for a basic lab test.
  2. The red cells are isolated from the platelet-rich plasma right in our office. We do this by placing the blood into a special centrifuge and spinning it at a very rapid rate to separate the platelets from the other components of the blood.
  3. The platelet-rich plasma is activated to release at least eight essential growth factors and signaling proteins, and then injected back into the scalp.

Platelet-rich plasma is a technology that deploys aspects of blood-based biochemistry. Because all constitutes retrieved in PRP are exclusively from the patient, there is virtually no risk of intolerance. We would however, ask that you disclose all of the medications that you are taking (including herbs) prior to treatment.

Many patients have called the results from our PRP Therapy “life-changing” and report a noticeable difference in their hair’s fullness after a few treatments. Schedule a consultation with us to discuss if this treatment may be right for you.

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