Tips for Looking Your Best on Video Calls

IStock 1210684755Of the numerous changes that occurred in 2020, the work-from-home situation seems as though it may continue for many people. If you’re one of them, you may have certain feelings about those video calls you’ve been forced into as a result of social distancing guidelines. Video calls have made many people aware of aspects of their appearance they don’t necessarily love to look at. There are ways to improve the experience going forward. Here, we discuss a few tips.

Choose Good Lighting

One of the goals of video conferencing is to see everyone’s faces. Otherwise, we’d just have phone meetings. What most people do in their work-at-home setting is sit at an office desk or kitchen table where lighting comes from overhead. This setup creates shadows that “highlight” all those things you don’t want to see. Next time you have a call, set yourself up in front of a window where natural light can shine in your direction. If that is not an option, place a lamp behind the computer screen to prevent dark shadows from forming under your eyes or chin. 

Get the Angles Right

Video calls may take place on a phone or computer. Many people use a laptop for this activity, which can set up all the wrong angles. When using a laptop, we must look down slightly. When we look down, we scrunch up the skin and tissue beneath the chin and create quite an unfortunate look. If you use a laptop for your video calls, set the computer up on a few books or a box so you’re looking directly at the camera. If you’re using a phone, consider getting a tripod-type holder so you can look directly ahead rather than down. 

Attend to Your Face

The many tips that are out there about video conferencing, from lighting to angles to wearing neutral colors, are nice. They do some good. However, if you’ve naturally got dark circles under your eyes or other skin problems, there is only so much that angles and lighting can do. The work-from-home switch has led many people to become more aware of their appearance and how much they do care about it. This has led to an increase in cosmetic treatments ranging from injectables to facelifts. In our NYC office, we offer several options for improving the appearance of the skin, most of which require zero downtime. 

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