Has Quarantine Got You Worried about Weight Gain?

AdobeStock 273794645 1Early in the days of COVID-19, there may have been a part of us that enjoyed the little extra downtime. However, as time has gone on and our time spent indoors has increased, more and more people are expressing concern about quarantine weight gain. We can understand. When living through stressful situations, many of us tend to comfort eat. Without access to gyms and other services, working out has become a challenge and, let’s be honest, stress caused by uncertainty can affect our motivation to exercise. In light of that, experts are encouraging us all to find balance. On one hand, there is no need to worry about gaining a few pounds in 2020. On the other hand, various strategies can be implemented to help us maintain a healthy weight.

Here’s What You Can Do

  • Avoid grazing. The more time we spend at home, the more tempted we may be to graze. Trade this habit for sipping water. Spice things up by infusing water with fruit or brewing some tea.
  • Learn to listen to the body. By paying attention, we can find that balance of being hungry but not “hangry,” full but not stuffed. This is key to prevent overeating.
  • Recognize stress and emotional hunger. There is no shame in craving a little bit of comfort these days. Most people have eaten for reasons other than hunger at certain points. It can take practice to eat only when truly hungry and turn to other practices for emotional needs. For example, when bored, we can take a walk or go look out the window.
  • Find new ways to move. We’re in a time of innovation. Instead of going for a jog, we might try dancing in the living room or taking an online yoga class.
  • Create a routine. For those who are now working from home, the transition may be challenging even after a few months of practice. Ideally, work space will be set up away from the kitchen. This can prevent grazing.

We will get to a point when we can feel safe to go outdoors and resume many of our normal activities. Until then, we can create new habits that help us maintain optimal health, including a healthy weight. Remember, too, that body contouring is a safe and convenient option for jump-starting a weight management journey. To explore services like liposuction, contact our NYC office at 212.288.0060.