Lymphatic Massages improve the Post-Op Experience

IStock 928410788 1Recently, we’ve been hearing a bit about the benefits of lymphatic massage in magazines and online. These stories have caused us to take pause. We are aware of the value of lymphatic massage and offer it as a service to our liposuction patients. Here, we want to clue you in on why our patients find this service so advantageous to their liposuction journey.

What is Lymphatic Massage?

You may be well aware that there are several different types of massage. Lymphatic massage is not your average Swedish massage that loosens muscles and relaxes the body and mind. This specialized technique, often done after surgery, is performed to expedite the recovery process and promote outstanding results. Studies suggest that lymphatic massage can:

  • Reduce swelling by preventing fluid accumulation
  • Flush toxins from the body
  • Inhibit the formation of fibrosis and scar tissue
  • Improve the circulation of lymphatic fluid and blood
  • Stimulate wound healing

Lymphatic massage can be advantageous for surgical patients because, after procedures, tissues in the surgical area may produce excess lymphatic fluid. This is a natural physiological response to the trauma of any surgery. Liposuction is a less intrusive procedure than most, but it does disrupt adipose tissue so can result in edema. 

This specialized massage is performed by a qualified therapist. During the massage, the technician manipulates the skin and deeper areas of tissue where lymph production occurs. This manipulation tends to be light and gentle. It should feel comfortable and relaxing for the patient. Within the body, it increases circulation to promote the drainage of excess fluid in the tissues that are healing.

Lymphatic massage is not a mandatory post-surgical technique. Patients who undergo liposuction without lymphatic massage can achieve beautiful results from their procedure. Patients choose this service because they want to feel better faster and see their results sooner than they may otherwise. A benefit of lymphatic massage is that a patient can benefit from just one. Generally, they choose to have 3 to 5 treatments to promote optimal turnaround after liposuction surgery. 

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