Kick that Double-Chin out Using Kybella!

IStock 1145058911 500x334Most adults realize that their facial appearance will change over time. The shape of the face may change as a result of weight, lifestyle, and aging. We may be aware of this but that does not mean we are prepared to deal with how aging makes us feel. Some beauty concerns, such as submental fullness, or a double-chin, can appear long before other signs of aging. This cosmetic problem is frustrating because the chin is the face’s frame. When the transition from the upper neck to the jawline is soft, the face itself may look like it’s holding weight when it isn’t. Here, we discuss why Kybella may be an ideal solution for that double-chin.

  1. Kybella is FDA-approved specifically for double-chin fat.

Kybella is the first drug of its kind to gain FDA-approval. Before it was developed, chin or neck liposuction or surgical lifting were the primary methods of refining the chin and jawline. As you can imagine, many people simply lived with the disappointment caused by the appearance of a double-chin. This isn’t necessary anymore. If you would like a more sculpted jawline and aren’t interested in surgery, you are already showing signs that you’re a good candidate for Kybella.

  1. Kybella uses natural ingredients.

Kybella’s active ingredient, deoxycholic acid, is produced by the body. Its function is to aid in the digestion of dietary fat. This acid breaks down fat from foods so the body can utilize fuel properly. After careful study and scientific testing, researchers determined that small doses of deoxycholic acid could target certain fat cells for destruction.

  1. Kybella destroys fat cells.

We all have a certain number of fat cells, regardless of our weight. When we show signs of weight gain, it is because fat cells have enlarged. When we lose weight, enlarged fat cells shrink. They don’t go away, though. Kybella targets fat cells beneath the chin for destruction. Their cellular membranes get dismantled by the deoxycholic acid and, as a result, the body flushes the damaged fat cells. They are eliminated and gone forever. If you maintain a stable weight, there is no reason to expect submental fullness to return.

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