Body Sculpting Made Easy

IStock 1251684016Getting the body you want isn’t as easy as it sounds. We’re taught from an early age that we can expect to remain slim if we eat healthy foods and move our body a little bit each day. The unspoken suggestion in these messages is that we can stay slim and sculpted. It is with great frustration and often after far too long that we discover the mistake in this way of thinking. Maintaining a healthy weight may not be incredibly difficult for many people. Getting and staying sculpted, well, that’s another story. Here, we discuss the various body contouring options that Dr. Sobel offers in our convenient NYC and Hamptons locations to help you begin to discern which may be best suited to your needs. 

Body Contouring 101

For quite some time, liposuction has been the most well-known body contouring treatment option. Available in our practice, liposuction is the surgical method of removing unwanted fat. It has been improved upon over time to make it suitable for larger areas like the abdomen and thighs and also smaller areas like the backs of the arms and the chin. As efficient as liposuction can be, it is not ideal for every person, nor does it meet everyone’s needs. We’re proud to also offer alternatives. 

Nonsurgical Fat Reduction

Vanquish Fat Reduction is an advanced procedure that focuses on the fat stores in the abdomen and love handles. Utilizing Selective RF™ radio-frequency energy, this system successfully destroys targeted fat cells without harming the skin or nearby tissues. Patients often schedule 4 treatment sessions, after which they can experience a loss of  two to four inches of stubborn fat.

TruSculpt ID

Earlier versions of TruSculpt have been replaced with newer, more powerful RF energy. The value of TruSculpt iD is not only in its radiofrequency energy but also in the wide selection of handpieces available to address a variety of areas of the body. Each handpiece delivers low-frequency, high-conductivity radiofrequency energy to affect deep layers of fat as well as muscle, all while protecting the uppermost layers of the skin. When the RF energy enters the dermis and layers of fat, it converts to heat, causing fat cells to burst. As a result, the body eliminates the fatty tissue for a reduction of as much as 24% in the targeted area. 

Nonsurgical Body Contouring 

Fat-reduction is one thing, body contouring is another. When we say body contouring, we’re talking about getting that sculpted look not through fat reduction but through muscle toning. Historically, the only way to address poor muscle tone has been to hit the gym. Even there, even with hours of investment, there are limitations to what most people can achieve. For faster results, we perform EmSculpt. This treatment, which takes about 30 minutes, targets deep muscles using High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic technology, HIFEM®. During a sweat-free session, the device stimulates supramaximal muscle contractions that result in stronger, more visible muscles. At the same time, these deep contractions also burn fat. EmSculpt can target areas including the upper or lower abdomen, the entire abdomen, the buttocks, thighs, or the arms. 

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