Body Contouring Can Look Different for Everyone

IStock 519676858We’ll just say it, there is something incredibly frustrating about sticking to a strict diet and exercise program to see minimal gains or, in this case, losses. People make near-drastic changes to their lifestyle because they want shapely hips, a toned buttocks, and sculpted abs. To not achieve this can be deflating.  However, persistent body fat is a common problem, as we see from the numerous inquiries we receive about body contouring

Body contouring procedures, both surgical and nonsurgical, are among the most popular treatments performed by board-certified physicians. Dr. Sobel works closely with patients in the NYC area and the Hamptons to determine which body contouring technique is best suited to their needs. Here, we discuss a few of the most common options.  


Liposuction is a tried-and-true fat-reduction procedure. It is considered the gold standard by many doctors and patients alike for its effective, minimally-invasive approach. Regardless, that doesn’t mean that liposuction is right for everyone. This procedure is performed as an outpatient treatment. Patients are made comfortable through the use of local anesthesia in a tumescent fluid and sedation, which is administered well before we begin. Liposuction does require a few small incisions. However, these are so small that they rarely result in noticeable scarring. What patients need to know about liposuction is that, although it immediately and permanently removes fat cells, it can take up to six weeks to see the final results of surgery due to swelling. 


Vanquish is a nonsurgical, noninvasive body contouring treatment that people often forget about or never learn about due to the strategic marketing of other devices like CoolSculpting. Vanquish, by BTL, is a radiofrequency device that can target common problem areas, including the abdomen, flanks, thighs, and arms. During the 30 to 45-minute treatment session, no contact is made between a device and the skin. Radiofrequency energy is emitted by panels that “float” above the skin. Energy is absorbed into the deeper layers of subcutaneous tissue, where it disrupts fat cells and causes their death. Like liposuction, Vanquish eliminates fat cells permanently. What patients need to know about Vanquish is that they may need 4 to 6 treatments to achieve their desired slimming effects. Benefits can be seen starting a few weeks after the first session. 


This nonsurgical treatment addresses two problems at once, which is one reason our patients are so excited about EMSculpt. During a treatment session, which lasts only about 30 minutes, the device delivers high-intensity, precision-focused electromagnetic energy to trigger supramaximal, or involuntary, muscle contractions. These contractions not only tighten muscle fibers for a more toned appearance but they also stimulate fat burning. To achieve the best results, patients may need up to 8 sessions scheduled a few days apart. 

We love helping our patients feel more attractive and confident. To learn more about our body contouring services, call 212.288.0060.